This site is dedicated to exploring the question ‘what is the right to work for people who are disabled.’ I will explore this question from legal, sociological, philosophical and political perspectives and publish my thoughts on the readings I use to inform my ideas. It is a work in progress.

A note on nomenclature

I will use the term ‘people who are disabled’ (rather than people with disabilities or disabled person) to reflect a conception of disability that sees disability as largely socially caused and constructed: the person is disabled (including by environmental and social barriers) rather than has a disability. Although I accept Tom Shakespeare’s assertion, in his book ‘Disability Rights and Wrongs’, that impairment is also relevant. Pain and fatigue cause difficulties that cannot be solely attributable to oppression and socially created barriers (2006:38). However, I am also aware that the term disabled person, favoured by the advocates of the social model, can feel like it puts the disability before the person and so I have adopted the term ‘people who are disabled'(PWAD), although I am open to change.


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